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The structure of the underground integrated pumping station - ZJBetter

The underground integrated pumping station saves investment, the installation period is short, the maintenance saves time and effort, and more importantly, the completely underground installation, the underground integrated pumping station saves space. Whether it is treating sewage, collecting rainwater or preventing drought and drainage, it is very effective. It is also conducive to the rational development and comprehensive utilization of sewage treatment and water resources.

Generally, fewer people use the traditional concrete pumping station, mainly due to the large investment, short service life, and other shortcomings, resulting in new development of pumping stations. For example, our company's underground buried integrated pumping station is a new type of pumping station. The material is made of stainless steel, and the service life is guaranteed. When it arrives at the site, install it and use it directly. Reaching now, using the pump pit, the pump station cylinder is placed in the correct position, and the pipeline is connected and landfilled, which saves space.

It is necessary to pay attention to the installation process of the submersible integrated pumping station, and the pipeline capacity should not be added to the pump during installation, so as not to deform the pump and affect normal operation. Tighten the anchor bolts to prevent the vibration from affecting the pump performance during startup. Before installing the underground integrated pumping station, you should carefully check the pump body for hard objects in abortion, so as not to damage the impeller and the pump body during operation.

The structure of the underground integrated pumping station:

1. Pumping station entrance grille system
The underground integrated pumping station uses a stainless steel basket grille with a guide rod system. People can lift the grille to the ground without going down the well. The underground integrated pumping station is easy to clean. 

2. Upper cover of pumping station
The cover material of the underground integrated pumping station is made of GRP. The inner and outer surfaces of the cover plate are flat, cracks with a depth of more than 2mm are not allowed, delamination is not allowed, fiber dew, resin nodules, foreign matter inclusions, and obvious uneven color are not observed. The outer protective layer of GRP material is added with anti-ultraviolet material to prevent aging under long-term exposure to sunlight. The overall top cover has anti-slip measures, such as anti-slip patterns or particles.

3.Cylinder of pumping station
Underground integrated pumping station cylinder is made of high-strength wound glass fiber reinforced plastic, and the computer-controlled winding process is used to ensure uniform thickness and meet the design requirements. The bottom of the underground integrated pumping station uses a grouting structure. The pumping station uses a non-equal diameter design. The diameter of the flow channel at the bottom should be greater than the diameter of the barrel. The inner diameter of FRP is 2.6m or more, and the thickness of the cylinder is 20mm or more. The secondary grouting opening is reserved.

4.Bottom design of pumping station
The bottom of the underground integrated pumping station uses an optimized self-cleaning design to reduce the area of the bottom, increase the bottom velocity, and avoid sedimentation. The underground integrated pumping station can achieve the effect of cleaning the bottom of the pumping station every time the pump is started, eliminating the artificial dredging. The U-shaped bottom design not only resists floating but also prevents the pump from being blocked.