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Sewer lift station solves many problems of traditional sump pits

 The traditional water collecting pits have far been unable to meet the environmental requirements of modern life and business activities because of the high failure rate of pumps, difficult maintenance, regular cleaning, odor and harmful gases. The listing of sewer lift station has solved many problems of traditional water collecting pits and has been widely used. At present, there are many brands of sewage discharge equipment on the market, and the quality of the cups is not good. For customers who don't fully understand the equipment, they want to choose a suitable, stable, and affordable sewage lifting device. It is like a blind person, so we should be more calm and objective when choosing a sewage lift station.

Brief introduction of sewage lift station :
The sewage lift station is a special sewage treatment system integrating sewage collection, storage and upgrading of large villas, clubs, hotels and other medium and large buildings. It can be used to collect liquids from toilet waste, showers, wash basins, washing machines, etc., and pump them to the main sewage system.
It is equipped with a 300L water collection tank, multiple water inlets, a water pump, automatic coupling installation, standard ball check valve, low noise, extra compact structure and can be used in a small space.
It can be equipped with a cutting-type water pump with a separate cutting device that can cut long fiber-like impurities and pump them to the main drain pipe.
The intelligent controller of ECP series sewage riser can be configured to fully protect the safe operation of the system. ECP intelligent controller with BA remote alarm interface, optional R485 remote communication interface.
An auxiliary pump can be configured to deliver the water outside the tank to the tank.
The degree of protection is IP68, which can be used in places where there is danger of flooding. The ECP intelligent controller protection class IP54 must be installed and well ventilated and not flooded.

Sewage lift station performance characteristics:
Large volume
Sturdy and corrosion resistant
Module design, easy to install
Completely sealed, no odor emission
Easy to connect, multiple inlets
Easy maintenance, coupled installation
Built-in ball check valve