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Three points of sewage pumping station you need to know

Three points of sewage pumping station you need to know

1.The selection of sewage pumping station
In view of the scale and construction requirements of the pumping station, the sewage characteristics, the topographical and hydrological conditions, and the operational management requirements differences of the supporting pipe network, the form of the sewage pumping station can be divided into dry and wet types: from the structural form, The layout of the wet pumping station is simplified; from the perspective of investment costs, the wet pumping station is also cheaper, and the wet pumping station has better application performance under harsh environmental conditions, and the corrosion resistance is also strong, which makes the application of the wet pumping station gradually popular. The outstanding advantage of the dry pumping station is that it is convenient for maintenance and post-maintenance. In the actual engineering design, according to the design requirements, the rationalized pumping room form is selected.

2. Sewage pump selection
As the key conveying equipment of the sewage pumping station, the performance of the pump is related to the actual running performance of the whole sewage pumping station. The selection of the pumping station form, scale, water delivery, lift and other requirements and the water quality characteristics should be reasonable. Considering the operation management and the convenience of maintenance, it is better to equip 2~8 pumps of the same type, and at the same time, according to the actual operation of the pump station, a certain number of spare pumps are required.
Since most sewage pumps are operated in parallel, the selected pumps need to be operated in parallel.

3. Grid design and operation
Firstly, according to the sewage treatment requirements of the pumping station, the rationalized grid is selected, which mainly includes two types: fine grid (pitch <20mm) and coarse grid (pitch 20mm). Usually, the pumping stations in the sewage treatment plant are mostly coarse grid form. When the grid is running, the operation and interruption of the water level are continuously adjusted according to the position of the water level. Therefore, the grating should be equipped with a higher precision liquid level gauge on both sides of the grid during the design process. When the height difference is greater than 0.2m, the grid slag is automatically activated.

4. Ventilation design
In actual operation, due to polluting exhaust gas in the pump house and the grille are easy to generate, it is necessary to pay attention to the design of the ventilation system in the pumping station to further reduce the impact on the operation management personnel and the environment. Generally, there are many natural ventilation applications, and efficiency can also be adopted. The high and easy-to-maintain deodorizing design of the plant liquid has better economical operation.