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How to control and manage the sewage pumping station?

What is the role of the sewage pumping station, how to control and manage it?

1. In the operation process, the gravity flow method is generally adopted to pass through various structures and equipment. Before the treatment, the sewage pumping station can only operate according to gravity flow method after lifting the sewage to a certain height.
The function of the sewage lift pumping station is to lift the upstream sewage to the height required by the subsequent processing unit to realize the gravity flow.
Sewage Lift pumping station generally consists of: water pump, collecting pool, pump room.

2. The following principles should be considered for the operation control of the pump unit in the sump.
①. To ensure that the amount of water is consistent with the amount of lifting.
②. To maintain the high water level of the catchment.
③. Do not open or stop the pump too often.
④. There must be at least one spare pump.
⑤. Keep the pumping and opening time of each pump in the pump group even.

3. The role of the pool is to adjust the imbalance between the amount of water and the amount of pumping, to avoid frequent start of the pump.
①. The arrangement of the sump should fully consider the maintenance of the pump, the maintenance of the fixed pump base, etc. (the submersible sewage pump and the sump are two sets of separate operations)
②. For the balance of water intake and water output, most of them are now solved by frequency modulation, and the effect is good.
③. The arrangement of the sump should take into account the convenience of cleaning and maintenance. For closed cisterns, ventilation holes and ventilators should be provided at the convection.
④. The collecting basin should regularly clean up the sundries according to the specific conditions to ensure the normal operation of the pump.
4. The pump in the pump station is various, generally based on centrifugal pumps. According to the installation method, it is divided into dry pump and submersible sewage pump.
The dry pump has a vertical pump and a horizontal pump. The pump has the sewage installation and dry installation.