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Sewage Pumping Station Application and Characteristics - Better Technology Co., Ltd.

Sewage prefabricated pumping station application:
1. Municipal water supply and drainage;
2. Rainwater emergency drainage;
3. Urban sewage and rainwater;
4. Road drainage;
5. Railway and highway drainage;
(1) Generally speaking, the buried depth of the pipeline should not exceed 5m, otherwise the pumping station must be set to increase the water level.
(2) Composition: drainage pump auxiliary equipment. Accessory equipment includes cisterns and grilles.
The prefabricated pumping station has high integration and small floor space; the concrete pumping station needs the cooperation of various suppliers and civil construction parties, and the system integration is low and the floor space is large.

Characteristics of sewage pumping station:
(1) High degree of integration, easy to automate
The main body of the pumping station is a composite wound FRP cylinder. The cylinder body has strong anti-corrosion ability, built-in submersible sewage pump, automatic coupling device, guide rod, inlet and outlet water pipe, check valve, gate valve, flexible joint, etc. can realize automatic unattended control system. The front end of the gravity pipe network inlet water can be set according to the user's needs to set up the basket grille manual periodic cleaning or pulverize the garbage into particles of about 8 mm through the pulverized grille, and directly discharge through the submersible sewage pump without manual salvage cleaning.
(2) Small footprint, but high effective volume
The advantage of the pumping station is very obvious. At present, the large integrated sewage lift pumping station has a cylinder diameter of less than 4 meters and a total area of no more than 30 square meters.

(3) Fine appearance, easy to coordinate with the surrounding environment
The pumping station is usually buried underground, leaving only the manhole and control box on the ground. The exposed ground shape is like an ordinary sewage inspection well. It can also be equipped with a landscape management room on the ground, which can coordinate well with the surrounding environment.
(5) High degree of self-control and low maintenance and operation costs
The pump station can be equipped with a dedicated water pump controller to display the running status of the pump. The built-in mobile communication module can directly send the operation fault information to the pump station management personnel, realizing unattended operation and greatly saving the manual management cost of the pump station operation. It can reduce the labor intensity of managers and realize the rational allocation of personnel.

(6) Simple construction and short construction period
The pumping station is supplied as a complete unit and all internal installation and commissioning work is done in the factory. Before the arrival of the goods, the excavation can be carried out at the site. After the pumping station arrives, the whole station only needs to install the pumping station, which greatly reduces the civil construction period and cost. Therefore, the construction is very simple, the construction period is also very short, and the overall investment cost of the owner is reduced.
(7) Long service life and low long-term operating cost
The cylinder of the pumping station is made of FRP. The internal parts are made of anti-corrosion materials such as 304 stainless steel and hot-dip galvanized carbon steel. The service life can reach more than 30 years. The equipment component has low failure rate, and the submersible sewage pump and grille are also equipped with mounting rails for easy maintenance. And the pumping station can also be hoisted twice and moved to the second landfill for reuse.