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What is a sewage lifting device? What is a sewage pump station?

Frequently, customers have encountered such a situation and went to buy a sewage pumping station. However, because the expertise is not deep enough, the sewage lifting device is the same as the sewage lift pump station. They don't know, there is a clear difference between the two!

What is a sewage lifting device?
The so-called sewage lifting device is generally composed of a box, an automatic start control system, a sewage lift pump, etc. It refers to an integrated sewage lifting device, which can be used in the basement and away from the drainage lifting device. It can also be used in places where the drainage conditions such as ships and vehicles are not very good.

What is a sewage pump station?
In terms of text definition, sewage lift pumps generally refer to pumps that can raise sewage. For sewage lifting device, there are no functions such as tanks and control systems. In a broad sense, the sewage pump is generally defined as: a pump product that integrates a pump, a motor, a casing, and a control system. It can be used for sewage lifting in homes, villas, small and medium-sized commercial places, and can be on the ground or Work under the liquid. Nowadays, there are many models of sewage pump station, and the more popular technology products are the PPS integrated sewage pumping station.

The PPS integrated sewage lift pump station is an upgraded equipment for improving sewage, rainwater, drinking water and wastewater based on the principle of improving the traditional sewage lift pumping station. The innovation of its technology is to scientifically improve the conventional problems of corrosion and leakage of ordinary water pumps, and to use the material with stable anti-corrosion function to set the cylinder. At present, the ZJBetter PPS integrated sewage lift pumping station on the market mainly uses alkali-free glass fiber roving and its products as reinforcing materials, thermosetting resin as a collective, combined with computer controlled winding process to ensure uniform thickness and better to ensure no leakage. The top plate is made of a composite material of GRP material, which comprises a base body and a reinforcement body. GRP has good electrical insulation properties and bonding properties, high mechanical strength and heat resistance, textile properties, resistance to general acid and alkali and organic solvents, resistance to mold, and can prevent aging under sunlight for a long time.

Nowadays, many entrepreneurs pay more attention to the problem of sewage discharge in the sewage lifting equipment, but because of the lack of professionalism, most of them will contract to the so-called professional people for design, procurement, installation, etc., often encountered the contractor whose main purpose is profitable, regardless of the actual sewage discharge effect of the enterprise, misleads the enterprise to purchase the sewage lifting device. Of course, there is also a need for a sewage lifting device that is misled to purchase a sewage lift pump. To this end, the correct understanding of sewage lift pump station and sewage lifting device, to clarify their own needs, is the key to the selection of products.