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How to extend the service life of Integrated prefabricated pumping stations?

With the continuous increase of the urban population, various congestion phenomena are increasing day by day. The large amount of domestic sewage and wastewater has brought a great burden to the municipal sewage system. The old sewage lifting equipment collects sewage through the sump, and the debris is crushed by the reamer pump, which methods often cause damage to the sewage pump, high failure rates and high natural costs, and there will produce toxic and harmful odors that pollute the environment and harm human health. In this case, integrated prefabricated pumping stations have emerged, so how to extend the service life of pumping stations

1.Optimization of shell strength
The shell is comprehensively analyzed by FEA strength finite element analysis, including static analysis, life analysis, and water impact force analysis, to achieve the optimization of the overall structure and design, greatly increasing the overall strength of the pump station shell, and preventing leakage and cracking , So that the pumping station can run stably in the harsh external environment for a long time. 

CFD computational fluid dynamics at the bottom
The company uses the CFD fluid dynamics model to design the bottom of the product. It adopts a special recessed structure that can resist water pressure without deformation. Each drainage allows only a small amount of sewage to stay in the pump pit. The special bottom structure can also play automatic cleaning at the same time, to avoid frequent artificial dredging and effectively prevent odor. 

3.Intelligent control system
The integrated prefabricated pump station uses a dedicated integrated control system that can control the normal operation of 1-4 pumps. Functions include start-stop, over-current measurement, fault warning and alarm, backwash, control panel support, unlimited data communication, etc. 

4. Project-specific independent design
According to the actual situation of each project, the design drawings and site survey and measurement results, independently design the specifications of the pumping station, the diameter of the inlet and outlet positions, hydraulic components, grilles, ventilation systems, and deodorizing devices to ensure the optimized use of resources of each project. 

5.Remote control
The integrated prefabricated pumping station is equipped with a centrally managed database and network server. Users just need to use a computer with Internet access to log in to the user interface of the remote monitoring and management system anytime, anywhere to understand the operating status of the pumping station, such as operating time, meter values, reports, alarms, etc. 

6. Continuous operation to reduce energy consumption
When fiber materials and modern garbage enter traditional water inlets, they tend to wrap around the leading edge of the impeller blades. The accumulation of this material reduces the efficiency of the impeller, thereby increasing power consumption. This power consumption increase results in increased demand for energy. As solids continue to accumulate within the impeller, motor thermal protection can cause pump shutdowns, resulting in costly and unexpected service requirements.