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Common faults and solutions for integrated pumping stations

Many people choose an integrated pumping station, apparently because technology has increased its effectiveness and solved common problems. So, if this means that the integrated pumping station has no defects? Obviously not. So, what are the common problems with integrated pumping stations? Below are some common faults of the integrated pumping station!

Common faults and solutions for integrated pumping stations
How to deal with the electromechanical equipment and pipe fittings of the integrated pumping station rust?
No matter how good the pump equipment is, it will inevitably cause the problem of rust due to the accumulation of time. the integrated pumping stations is the same. It turns out that after a long-term operation of the integrated pumping station, the electromechanical equipment and pipe fittings will rust. At this moment, don't ignore it. The study found that no measures to solve rust, it would cause big problems until it was completely smooth. In the face of rust, in fact, do not worry too much, insist on a rust-removing paint way for 2 or 3 years.

How to deal with thick sludge in the integrated pumping station wellbore?
For integrated prefabricated pumping stations, the purpose is to treat underground sewage, subway drainage, living areas, factories and other sewage treatments below the ground. Obviously, when dealing with sewage, it will naturally be contaminated. Even if the pump is increasingly innovative, it is undeniable that it will cause silt accumulation, resulting in a longer time and a worse sewage function. Then, such a common problem is actually very simple. If it is not more than three months, it should not be more than half a year. According to the common phenomenon of the integrated pumping station, Better Technology Co., Ltd. is equipped with a flushing valve device. Each time the pump starts, it automatically rushes to the bottom to sink and deposit, and several protections are added, so there is no need to worry about siltation.

The integrated pumping station is stuck without any reason. How is it not working?
Many integrated pumping station manufacturers will have stuck in the integrated pumping station. Then, if you encounter such a problem, the first thing you can do is to check the hand-operated device. If you need to disassemble, you need to disassemble the pump. Replace the defective parts and reassemble them.
The integrated pumping station is generally used for water supply and drainage systems. The specific functions and faults are determined depending on the occasions used. The above faults are common general faults and are known to the purchaser.