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What aspects of integrated sewage pumping station should be paid attention

The integrated sewage lift pump station is mainly installed in the sewage pipeline system and the sewage treatment plant. In the sewage pipeline system, it is mainly used to collect urban sewage and rainwater for stirring treatment, and then pressurized and conveyed to the sewage treatment plant. Installed in the sewage treatment plant is used to raise sewage to a certain height for sewage treatment.

The difference between the integrated sewage lift pump station and the integrated rainwater lift pump station is that it uses different grilles. The sewage lift pump station uses a crushing grill, and the rainwater lift pump station uses a basket grill. What important role does the pulverizing grid used in the station have for the sewage pumping station?

When urban rainwater and sewage pass through the municipal pipe network, various solid wastes are often mixed, such as branches and leaves, garbage, gloves, clothes, bamboo chips, plastic bottles, wooden boards and various hard plastics, etc. Aggregation can cause clogging of the pipe network.

These objects that are crushed into small particles may be gloves, garbage, cotton yarn, clothes, bamboo chips, wooden boards and various types of hard plastics. Compared with the basket grille, although there are more debris, the crushable grille has sharp stainless steel blade, but can easily crush solid waste into small particles of solid objects that can pass the water pump.

The integrated sewage lift pump station has the help of the smashing grid, and it does not need to be cleaned manually. If it is really necessary, it can be cleaned once every six months.