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Integrated prefabricated pumping station technical standards

Integrated prefabricated pumping station technical standards

(1) Number of pumps in the unit: 2 sets
(2) Liquid level control mode: the liquid level float switch;
(3) Motor performance: protection grade: IP68, insulation grade: F grade;
(4) No clogging: a solid-liquid separation device is provided, and the pump impeller is not in contact with debris, which will not cause entanglement and blockage, and prolong its service life;
(5) No pollution: the sewage is stored and discharged in a sealed state, without spilling or odor;
(6) Control mode: In addition to the automatic control of the liquid level float ball, there is also an over-limit water level sound and light alarm function, hand/automatic operation function;

(7) Equipment configuration: including cabinet, water pump, stainless steel outlet pipe, rubber seals, fasteners, outlet pipes and pipe fittings, check valves, intelligent control boxes, bases and accessories.
(8) The equipment water tank is welded by SUS304 stainless steel flat plate, the thickness of the box wall and the bottom plate of the box is 2mm; the cover is 1.5mm thick for easy maintenance and repair, and is equipped with handles and buckles for easy inspection and maintenance;
(9) Equipment assembly requirements: The welds of the welded parts installed shall be firm, smooth and beautiful, without defects such as false welding and leakage welding, and the welding slag and the coating shall be cleaned. The connection parts should be firm and reliable, the fasteners are not loose, and the pipes, electrical components and lines should be arranged neatly and reasonably.

What our products can do:
The characteristics of the integrated sewage prefabrication pumping station: its structure is very small, so the occupied area is not large, and it can also be concealed installation, which does not affect the aesthetics of the surrounding environment, and the installation is also relatively easy. The corrosion resistance of the device is also very strong. In the application process, the service life can be effectively improved, basically no daily maintenance is required, and the failure rate is relatively low. Because the pumping station is completely buried in the ground, it ensures the appearance is beautiful, coordinated with the surrounding environment, and can greatly save the civil construction period and engineering cost. Within a certain period of time, we can complete all processes including excavation, backfilling, compaction, connection, leak testing, control system installation, commissioning, final commissioning and documentation. Save a lot of pumping station installation time.
The new integrated pumping station makes up for the shortcomings of all aspects of traditional equipment. The advantages of buried integrated pumping station are: small size, new material, good flow, low cost, high integration, safe use, and economical installation. Labor saving. It has gradually been widely used in the market