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5 Pre-purchase key points of Integrated prefabricated pumping station - ZJBetter

What is an integrated prefabricated pumping station?
The integrated prefabricated pumping station is an lift equipment for improving sewage, rainwater, drinking water and wastewater. A new era alternative to traditional sewage pumping stations, an improved product of traditional pumping stations under new technology. It is generally assembled by the factory and transported to the on-site installation of the turnkey pumping station.

To know a product, start with the structure
The structure of the integrated prefabricated pump station is clearly visible in the below picture. Mainly consists of inspection port, lifting system, exhaust system, ladder, glass steel tank, basket filter system, valve device, maintenance platform, liquid level detection device, pipeline system, sewage pump and so on.

5 Pre-purchase key points of Integrated prefabricated pumping station
1. Integrated prefabricated pump station top plate
The top plate material is made of GRP.
The inner and outer surfaces of the top cover are flat, and cracks with a depth of 2mm or more are not allowed. Layered delamination, fiber blush, resin nodules, foreign matter inclusion, and uneven color unevenness are not allowed. The outer protective layer of GRP material is coated with anti-UV material to prevent aging under the sun for a long time.

2. Integrated prefabricated pumping station cover
Made of stainless steel with safety grille, vented exhaust pipe and armrests. A gas spring must be added to open easily.
3. Integrated prefabricated glass fiber reinforced plastic cylinder
The cylinder is made of alkali-free glass fiber roving and its products as reinforcing materials, thermosetting resin is collective, computer controlled winding process is adopted to ensure uniform thickness and meet design requirements. The thickness of structural layer is determined by structural design, and the barrel hardness is reached. Above 40Ba, the compressive strength reaches 120MPa, the hoop tensile strength reaches 150MPa, and the axial tensile strength reaches 60Mpa. A 100% anti-leak test is required before leaving the factory to ensure no leakage.

4. Integrated pumping station lifting lugs
The external integrated lifting lugs are easy to install and are made of stainless steel.

5. Anti-floating double bottom plate design of integrated pumping station
The specially designed prefabricated pumping station has a concave bottom structure that resists the pressure of groundwater without deformation, while allowing only a small amount of sewage to stay in the pump pit. When the pump is started again, the large flow velocity near the pump pit can be reached. Self-cleaning effect. Due to its light density and long service life, FRP is widely used. However, due to its light weight, the external bottom plate of the equipment must be a flat bottom plate to increase the contact surface between the pumping station and the foundation, and reduce the squeeze of groundwater on the pump cylinder. Pressure, the bottom plate and the foundation are connected by chemical bolts.
After understanding the above points, it will help you choose the best products.