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Features of Underground Integrated Sewage Lift pump Station

Integrated sewage lift pump station, pneumatic induction start, compact size, quiet design. Used for toilet sewage, washing machines, showers, bathtubs, etc.
1.19 L - 45 L switch, depending on the inlet height.
2. Equipped with three-phase or single-phase vortex pump.
3. Use mechanical seal and shaft seal with oil chamber in the middle.
4. DN100 pressure drain integrated check valve.
5. DN80 pressure drain is optional.
6. Inlet pipes 3 x DN 100 , 3 x DN 50 and 1 x DN 50/100.
7. The Pneumatic level control ZPS1 of liquid crystal display adopts passive fault sound alarm water lifting, which can be connected at the same time.

The specific role and the correct placement of the grit chambers
Grit chamber: sewage will inevitably be mixed into the mud during migration, flow and collection. If the sand in the sewage is not pre-separated and removed, it will affect the operation of the subsequent processing equipment. The main thing is the wear machine pump, plugging the pipe network, disturbing or even destroying the biochemical treatment process. The grit chamber is mainly used to remove sand particles with a particle size greater than 0.2mm and a density greater than 2.65t/m³ to protect pipelines, valves and other facilities from wear and blockage. The working principle is based on gravity separation. Therefore, the influent flow rate of the grit chamber should be controlled to only sink the inorganic particles with a large specific gravity, while the organic suspended particles float with the water flow. The grit chamber mainly includes an advection grit chamber, an aerated grit chamber, and a swirling grit chamber. The modern design mainly has a swirling grit chamber.