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What is Integrated prefabricated pumping station?

Integrated prefabricated pumping station (hereinafter referred to as pumping station) is a new type of environmental protection next-generation pumping station that lifts sewage, rainwater, drinking water, waste water, etc., and is designed, manufactured, assembled and transported to the site for installation.
Pump station series products have the characteristics of short construction period, convenient installation, small size, high efficiency, intelligent network and other modern products. Compared with traditional pumping stations, the amount of civil works is small and investment can be reduced by more than half. The product quality is reliable and it is an alternative to the traditional concrete sewage lift pumping station.
The cylinder of the integrated prefabricated pumping station is cast from advanced thickened medium density FRP. The main body of the pumping station consists of GRP wellbore, water pump, pipeline, valve, sensor, control system and ventilation system.
The integrated prefabricated pumping station is a new type of integrated pumping station equipment. Volume optimization is its remarkable feature. It is widely used in municipal engineering, industry or other buildings that cannot directly discharge wastewater into sewage treatment systems by gravity.

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