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How to install control cabinet of integrated prefabricated pumping station

The control cabinet of integrated prefabricated pumping station is installed separately from the pumping station. The installation of non-explosion-proof pumping station control cabinet should be installed in the pumping station, the wiring diagram of the control cabinet is usually attached to the control cabinet.
1.Installation of control cabinet
The commonly used power supply is a three-phase five-wire TN-S system with a voltage level of AC380V / 220V and a frequency of 50HZ.
According to different types of pumping stations, the control cabinet can be installed in the power distribution room, in the wellbore or outdoors.
If the cabinet is installed outdoors, it should be installed on a flat ground. not be installed in a low-lying location to prevent water in the control cabinet due to ground water.

For dry-installed pumping stations and control cabinets installed in wellbores, equipment for drainage and ventilation should be installed.
The installation position of the control cabinet should not hinder the daily maintenance and operation of the pumping station, and consider whether the length of the pump cable is sufficient.
The control cabinet shall be installed vertically on a stable base. The base may be channel steel and all connecting cables shall be fastened.
When installing the control cabinet, in order to prevent the invasion of animals or corrosive gases, pay attention to the sealing of the cable entry.
The cable must be used in the outdoor cabinet or inside and outside the casing of the pumping station. Generally, the cable in the tank is provided by the manufacturing factory with two interfaces, and the interface is covered with a soil depth of 20-30cm. If the cabinet is outdoors, this entrance is not used, and it needs to be sealed with a screw plug. If the cabinet is in a tank, this port needs to be sealed. (Hint, the position of some control cabinets changes, and the wiring needs to refer to the design data drawings).
The power supply cable of the control cabinet outside the pumping station must have a reliable isolation and protection tube and be fixed to the base of the cabinet base. At the same time, it is required to seal the inside. (The cabinet body is sealedly connected with the protective tube and sealed with internal cement). 

Grounding of the control cabinet.
Ground plate.
Electrical ground plate.
Grounding of internal pipes.
Grounding must be completed by the electrical contractor in accordance with civil electrical system's relevant regulations.