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Integrated prefabricated pumping station applications

The integrated prefabricated pumping station is a comprehensive innovative technology product tailored to the project's demand parameters for the collection and transportation of liquid media such as sewage and rainwater. The pump, pipeline, control system, grid filter system, lighting system, maintenance platform and communication system are integrated into one, and are prefabricated in the factory for pumping stations for lifting and conveying water media. 

So what are the integrated prefabricated pumping stations mainly used for?
The main use of integrated prefabricated pumping stations:
1. Collection and transportation of living quarters, community sewage, sewage from urban sewage treatment plants, and rainwater in low-lying areas of urban areas.
2. Construction and reconstruction of municipal sewage pipe network, renovation and expansion of old pumping stations, water circulation of lakes.
3. Sewage discharge from expressway service areas, stations, airports, large construction sites and municipal reconstruction.
4. Sewage and wastewater collection and transportation in hospitals, hotels, schools, factories, restaurants and other public places.
5. Other fields: sewage discharge from slaughterhouses, food processing plants, paper mills, agriculture and other fields.

The role of integrated prefabricated pumping station:
Integrated pumping station (integrated prefabricated pumping station) is a lifting equipment for lifting sewage, rainwater, drinking water and wastewater.
Simply speaking, it is a new type of sewage treatment equipment designed to solve urban rainwater collection and drainage, as well as urban sewage improvement.
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