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Integrated prefabricated pump station maintenance can not be ignored

The economic development has driven the acceleration of infrastructure construction and urbanization. The quality of ordinary cement pumping stations and traditional concrete pumping stations has been unable to meet the development speed of existing enterprises. As a result, due to the continuous research and development of science, an integrated prefabricated pumping station has emerged. The so-called integrated prefabricated pumping station is actually the source of power to solve the problems of irrigation and drainage, water supply and water resources allocation under no-floating conditions.
Ordinary cement pumping stations themselves are troublesome to install and take a long time. Maintenance during the period is also very difficult. In addition, the poor quality leads to shorter maintenance time, which not only consumes manpower, material resources and financial resources, but also obstructs the development of the enterprise.

Integrated prefabricated pump station maintenance method is simple and effective, compared to ordinary cement pumping stations
1. The optimization of the pumping station is sufficient to extend the maintenance interval. The electromechanical equipment and pipe fittings of the integrated prefabricated pumping station shall be treated with rust and paint every three years. The pumping station and ancillary facilities should be cleaned and maintained frequently. It should be repaired immediately if there is a damage. It should be refreshed every 3 years.
2. In order to ensure safety, the pipeline maintenance and inspection safety requirements of the integrated prefabricated pumping station shall comply with the current industry standard “Technical Regulations for Drainage Pipe Maintenance Safety”. Then, according to the inspection result of the pumping station, clean the pumping station wellbore and dredge regularly every two years.
3. After the pump is repaired, its flow rate should not be lower than 90% of the design flow; its unit efficiency should not be lower than 90% of the original unit efficiency. The integrity rate of the pumping station should reach more than 90%; the operating rate of the rainwater pumping station should be above 98%.
4. When entering the pumping station wellbore to maintain, there should be safety protection measures. Anti-virus appliances must be calibrated before use and qualified before use.
5. After each inspection and maintenance of the integrated prefabricated pumping station, it is suggested to have a complete operation and maintenance record, so as to conveniently grasp the operation index of the equipment.