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Importance of pump pit excavation in integrated pumping station installation

Integrated pumping station is especially used in urban construction where sewage cannot be discharged by gravity. Sewage water is collected through sewage tanks below the water level, and waste water discharged from municipal sewage pipes and sanitation facilities. The pump lifts the sewage to the sewer network.
We know that the integrated pumping station has a wide range of functions, but the installation of the integrated pumping station is also very particular and plays a key role in the later use of high efficiency!

Importance of pump pit excavation in integrated pumping station in installation
Excavation must be carried out according to the design drawings, and an excavation plan must be formulated. Pay more attention to the safety of the foundation pit when excavating.
In consideration of slope stability, possible drainage methods, etc., should be suitable for the current soil environment.
A small water collecting well can be made at the edge of the pit bottom to drain water at any time to ensure that there is no water accumulation on the bottom surface of the pit. Take proper foundation pit maintenance methods to avoid the collapse of pump pits.

The bottom of the pit should be dug. If necessary, a layer of stone-free pebble should be laid and compacted with a tamping machine.
After the excavation of the pump pit is completed, confirm that the site conditions such as the inlet and outlet pipes and cables of the pumping station are available before the pumping station can be installed.
(1) Stake out construction according to the plane position, elevation and geometric dimensions of the drawing design.
(2) Excavation of the foundation pit shall maintain good drainage, and a water collecting well shall be set outside the foundation pit to facilitate drainage of the basement.
(3) Excavate to the middle sand layer with an excavator, excavate the upper layer of fill, and then backfill to the base elevation with wool sand.

(4) After excavation of the foundation pit, the bearing capacity of the foundation shall be inspected (the requirement of the bearing capacity of the foundation is greater than 150kpa). If the bearing capacity fails to meet the requirements, it shall be handled according to the instructions of the supervision engineer.
(5) During the excavation of the foundation pit, if leakage is found in the retaining structure, it must be closed in time.