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How to select a prefabricated pumping station?

The integrated prefabricated pumping station is a lift sewage equipment based on the principle of improving the traditional sewage lift pumping station. It is possible to transport rainwater, drinking water, wastewater, etc., to a sewage treatment plant. So, what should we pay attention to when choosing an integrated prefabricated pumping station?

1. According to the long and recent sewage volume, determine the scale and design of the sewage pumping station. Based on the flow rate, select the cylinder size of the prefabricated pumping station.

2. In the separate drainage system, the rainwater pump house and the sewage pump house can be built separately in different locations in the courtyard, or they can be built together in one structure, but the sewage lift pump, collecting basin and pipeline should be self-contained.

3. It should be clarified whether the sewage pumping station is built once or in phases, whether it is long-term or non-permanent, in order to determine its standards and facilities. After the sewage is lifted by the pumping station, the water is sent to the river channel or select the location of the sewage pumping station by the sewage treatment plant.

4. When the collection tank and the machine room of the integrated prefabricated pumping station are in the same place, the water collection tank and the machine room should be separated by a waterproof partition wall, and no leakage. The practice is in accordance with the structural design specifications; They should maintain a certain construction distance to avoid uneven sinking. The collecting tank is mostly round, and the machine room is mostly square.

5. Pay attention to reduce the impact on the surrounding environment, combined with local conditions, so that the pump station and living houses and other public buildings to maintain a certain distance, the yard of pump station should be afforested and partition belt should be built all around  

6. The location: mainly check the groundwater conditions, whether the soil is dry, Is there a load on the pumping station?