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Technical points of field test of integrated prefabricated pumping station - ZJBetter

The integrated prefabricated pumping station is a comprehensive urban drainage and water supply device that provides potential energy and pressure energy for water. It is composed of cylinders, pipes, electromechanical equipment, electrical control and other ancillary facilities. Drainage performance, safety performance and operational reliability directly determine the safety of urban drainage and water supply.

According to the relevant regulations of standard DB37 / T 2855-2017 "Integrated Prefabricated Pumping Station", all inspection items of integrated prefabricated pumping station are appearance, manhole cover, self-cleaning function, valve position, control method, fault self-diagnosis and self-recovery function, single pump performance, pump set performance, cylinder water holding test, effective volume, cylinder size, as well as hydrostatic test, material inspection, electrical performance requirements and other inspections. 

In the on-site testing of actual work of integrated pumping station, there are several technical requirements that need attention:
The first is the selection of the pressure measurement position. The integrated prefabricated pumping station is different from most pumps in the pump room. The reserved pressure measurement point is often in the horizontal section of the main pipe. When testing the single pump head and pump set head, the pressure loss of pump outlet flange to the pressure measurement point is calculated to correct the head. The pipe diameter at the pressure measurement position also determines the size of the speed head and affects the correction of the head. 

The second is to correctly select the measurement datum. The measurement datum determines the change in epitope and water level, and determines the correction of the head. Therefore, the water level should be measured in time after changing the operating conditions to ensure the accuracy and validity of the data.
The third is that the premise of the automatic drainage performance test is to have a foreline pump or foreground tank, which is performed under the condition of automatic control, and has valve control and flow measurement. By collecting data to test the automatic drainage performance of the pumping station. 

Before the on-site testing, the site needs to have the testing conditions, including sufficient water source, the installation conditions of the outlet pipeline with a pressure transmitter and an ultrasonic flowmeter, the pumps and pump sets can be individually adjusted, and parameters such as voltage and current meters or power meter, with 220V power supply and so on. If the automatic drainage performance test is performed, it shall also meet the third technical requirement mentioned above. 

The Electromechanical Pump Product Quality Inspection Research Institute (National Pump Inspection Center) will have advanced instruments and hydraulic performance analysis software that meet the test accuracy requirements, are calibrated within its validity, including Cologne ultrasonic flow meters imported from Germany and Shanghai Eway's fluid analysis software ensures accurate and reliable testing. Testing and judgment will be carried out strictly in accordance with the test methods and inspection rules stipulated in DB37 / T 2855-2017 "Integrated Prefabricated Pumping Station" and GB / T 12785-2014 "Submersible Pump Test Methods". After the test is completed, a report with the seal of "National Pump Product Quality Inspection Center" will be issued.