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What are the advantages of prefabricated pump station

The prefabricated pump station is the ideal solution to replace the old-fashioned drainage pumping station and is an integrated prefabricated pumping station. The prefabricated pumping station is a turnkey project, and the cylinder of the prefabricated pumping station is made of advanced thickened medium density FRP material. The internal pumps, piping, valves, instruments, control equipment and other accessories required by the user are provided in sets and are shipped after installation. It is a new type of integrated pumping station equipment with convenient use, reliable quality, less civil work and lower cost. Volume optimization is its remarkable feature. It is widely used in municipal engineering, industry or other buildings that cannot directly discharge wastewater into sewage treatment systems by gravity. Among them, municipal drainage is suitable for pumping stations such as sewage pumping stations, drainage pumping stations, and confluent pumping stations.

Advantage 1: The stability of the prefabricated pumping station ensures that the prefabricated pumping station can basically operate under the state of“0 maintenance”;
Advantage 2: The prefabricated pump station collects the operation signals through the liquid level switch, the clogging sensor, the water pump temperature sensor, etc., to realize the automatic operation of the pump station;
Advantage 3: The dedicated controller can realize the following functions: calculating the inflow and pumping flow of the sewage, the daily emptying function, predicting the overflow function of the plugging function, and the anti-lock function;
Advantage 4: Prefabricated pumping station can realize remote centralized management: provide centralized database and network server, use GSM/GPRS for data collection, users only need a mobile phone or computer that can connect to the Internet to monitor and manage the pumping station.  

In order to enhance the performance of prefabricated pump station products, we will continue to increase the ability to give full play to the product's practical advantages, sreflecting the improvement of the intrinsic performance, so that in the process of reliable development, we must continuously accelerate the overall development of its product strength. Based on the application ability, enhance the actual effect of its products, according to the performance of various aspects of performance, accelerate the performance of its product performance, and promote the overall development of the product.