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Integrated rainwater lift station pump is indispensable in the rainwater sewage treatment

The function of the integrated rainwater lift station pump:

The rainwater pumping station is characterized by flood season operation, large flood peak water volume, large pumping station scale, and timely removal of rainwater is very important. The effective water conservancy infrastructure for solving the problem of low drainage water is the rainwater pumping station. Its working principle is simple and popular. It is to collect the rainwater in the low-lying area first, and then pump it out through the water pump.
The composition of the drainage pumping station
The main components of the lift station pump are the pump house and the sump, and the pump house is equipped with a pump and power equipment.

The integrated rainwater lift pumping station is an integrated integrated prefabricated pumping station. The integrated prefabricated pumping station is a turnkey project. The cylinder of the pumping station is made of advanced thickened medium density FRP. The internal pumps, piping, valves, instruments, control equipment and other accessories required by the user are provided in sets and are shipped after installation. It is a new type of integrated pumping station equipment with convenient use, reliable quality, less civil work and lower cost. Volume optimization is its remarkable feature. It is widely used in municipal engineering, industry or other buildings that cannot directly discharge wastewater into sewage treatment systems by gravity. Among them, municipal drainage is suitable for pumping stations such as sewage pumping stations, drainage pumping stations, and combined pumping stations.

The unit drainage system of the integrated rainwater lift station pump is a rainwater and sewage combined drainage system. Generally, the existing drainage pipe diameter is designed according to the domestic sewage volume. In the rainy day, the water volume is large and the water contains impurities, and the water contains domestic garbage and other impurities. In addition to the pump's easy plugging, due to the limited discharge flow of the downstream sewage pipeline, it is easy to cause the downstream sewage to overflow.

The integrated rainwater lift station pump products have the characteristics of short construction period, convenient installation, small size, high efficiency, intelligent network and other modern products. Compared with traditional pumping stations, the amount of civil works is small and investment can be reduced by more than half. The product quality is reliable and it is a substitute for the traditional concrete sewage pumping station.