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How to use integrated pumping station correctly for high-rise buildings

In recent years, high-rise buildings in major cities have risen, and towns have begun to have the style of the city. Buildings make urban life more colorful, but what comes with it is the pollution. In some places, there is pollution. Among them, the obvious phenomenon is sewage. To this end, the construction needs to properly arrange the sewage discharge problem, naturally it needs to take advantage of some favorable equipment.
Say goodbye to the stench caused by sewage accumulation, the integrated pumping station is the key.

It is undeniable that some buildings have neglected the importance of drainage problems during construction, causing some sewage to be deposited in low-lying areas and cannot be transported to sewage treatment plants, resulting in sewage retention and even deterioration and odor. The integrated sewage lift pumping station is an upgraded equipment for improving sewage, rainwater, drinking water and wastewater based on the principle of improving the traditional sewage lift pumping station. Rationalize the collection of urban sewage and corporate sewage for delivery to sewage treatment plants.
Large commercial bodies, living quarters, factories, subways, basements, etc., where the flow of people is relatively dense, and the integrated prefabricated pumping station is not only reflected in its ability to work, but also in its manufacturing process and maintenance costs. The integrated prefabricated pumping station is highly integrated, so its small size is suitable for use in factories, commercial buildings, basements or more small living quarters.

So why does the integrated pumping station have the effect that the traditional sewage pumping station does not have?

From the perspective of the technical person, the principle is very simple, that is, the liquid level information of the pressure sensor or the float feedback pump station to the control system, and then the operating parameters set by the control system adjust the water pump switch operation. When the liquid level reaches the liquid level of the pump set by the system, the control system will control the pump to start, so that the sewage will be pumped from the pump station to the exit of the municipal sewage pipeline; when the sewage pumping is lower than the system setting liquid level, the system will control the pump is out of service. This cycle is repeated, so that the integrated prefabricated pump station runs smoothly. Most of the people are ordinary non-specialized water pump R&D personnel. They are not very familiar with equipment such as integrated pumping stations, but this does not mean that they can be ignored. Sewage discharge is a concern of factories, businesses, and environmental departments. It is also a common environmental pollution in our lives. To this end, it is not only the affairs of others but also our business to properly handle sewage discharge!