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The differences between the integrated lift pumping station and the sewage pumping station

The integrated lift pump station is a system that combines the sewage pump and the water collecting tank, the control device, and the related pipe valves to raise and transport the waste water below the sewer or away from the municipal pipe network. It can effectively solve or avoid the problems of traditional water collection pits.

The integrated lift pump station is the inlet pumping station of the sewage treatment plant. The function of the integrated lift pumping station is to pump the sewage from the urban underground sewage pipe network to the upper basin of the sewage treatment plant for treatment. In the process of sewage transportation, due to the long distance, the sewage pipeline has a large depth in the underground. In order to reduce the depth of the subsequent pipeline, a pump station is set up in the middle of the sewage transportation. After the sewage is lifted, it is sent to a far place (sewage treatment plant or next sewage pumping station) by the sewage pipeline, so the sewage pumping station is just a transfer station. Sometimes both the pump stations are needed, but the integrated lift pumping station does not have the same function, also the location is different.